Program and Speakers 2022

“Entrepreneurship and (Dis)ability”

We have an amazing program set up for you! Below you can find out what we have planned for each of the five days. This year’s Spring Institute will focus on Entrepreneurship. This Spring Institute employs an allyship model of research in which disabled and non-disabled researchers work together. Many of our faculty members are disabled themselves or are carers of disabled family members.

Every day, sessions will run from 1-5pm UK time. The entire event is free of charge and virtual and will be hosted via Zoom. Please note that we will host two pre-sessions on 11 February 3-5pm n (UK time) and 25 February 1-5pm UK time, respectively. We further have an off-boarding event on 29 March 1-5pm UK time.


photo of Anica Zeyen,
Anica Zeyen

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

Dr. Anica Zeyen is a registered blind academic who specialises on the intersection between entrepreneurship, organizing and disability research. She leads multiple research projects in the Global South (Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, DRC, Philippines, India) on disability, chronic pain and entrepreneurship. She further leads a British Academy funded project on the impact of COVID19 on disabled people within the UK. More on her work on her blog and web page.

upper body shot of Oana Branzei, a black-haired woman wearing a dark top and a white jacket.
Oana Branzei

Professor of Strategy, Ivey Business School, Western Univesrity (Canada

Dr. Oana Branzei is a Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at the Ivey Business School, Western University. Her areas of expertise include social innovation, social enterprise, and organizing for self-, society-, and system-transformation in response to grand challenges. She has held editorial positions on the boards of the ‘Academy of Management Review’, ‘Journal of Management’, ‘Journal of International Business Studies’. She is completing her second full term as field editor of the Journal of Business Venturing and co-edited several recent special issues on prosocial, regenerative, place-based and inclusive organizing.


These sessions take place before the SPring Institute and will help you prepare.

Friday, 11 February 2022

During this two-hour session (3-5pm UK time), we will introduce you to the Spring Institute Format, provide you with all the necessary information to get the most out of the Spring Institute.

Friday, 25 February 2022

During this four-hour workshop, you will have the chance to get to know each others work. You will further have a chance to network with some of the faculty from the Spring Institute.

Spring Institute 2022

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Topic: To be announced.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Entrepreneurship, Disability and Intersectionalities

Upper body shot of Maija Renko. Maija has blonde short hair and wears glasses. She stands in front of a blurred city background
Maija Renko

Professor, Coleman Chair of Entrepreneurship, dePaul University (USA)

Dr. Maija Renko is a professor and the Coleman Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Driehaus College of Business, where she teaches entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship courses. Renko also serves as director of the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Program. ​Renko joined DePaul in 2019 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she was the recipient of multiple research and teaching awards, including Favorite MBA Professor (voted by students). More on her webpage

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Disability and Identity

Headshot of Glen Kreiner, a white man wearing glasses. He stands in front of a dark blue backdrop
Glen Kreiner

Professor, Eccles School of Business, University of Utah (USA)

Dr. Glen Kreiner 
is a David Eccles Professor of Management at the University of Utah. He has published his research (conceptual, qualitative, and quantitative) in most of the management field’s top journals. His research areas include identity (organizational, professional, and work-related), ethics, mindful leadership, workers with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and work-family issues. More on his web page

Friday, 4 March 2022

Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

headshot of Ute Stephan, a brown-haired woman smiling at the camera. The background is a blurred cityscape.
Ute Stephan

Professor of Entrepreneurship, King’s College London (UK)

Dr. Ute Stephan
 is Professor of Entrepreneurship at King’s College London and a Fellow of the International Association of Applied Psychology. She is an Editor at Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Consulting Editor at the Journal of International Business Studies. From 2015-2019 she was Editor-in-Chief of Applied Psychology: An International Review. Ute’s research explores (1) culture and institutions, (2) social entrepreneurship, and (3) entrepreneurial well-being.. More on her web pate

Saturday, 5 March 2022

Neurodiversity and Entrepreneurship

Upper Body shot of Rob Austin, a white man with white hair and glases wearing a blue jacket and an orange-black striped tie.
Rob Austin

Professor of Information Systems, Ivey Business School (Canada)

Robert D. Austin is a professor of Information Systems at Ivey Business School, and an affiliated faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He has authored papers in professional and academic venues, eight books, and more than 60 published cases and notes. His research on neurodiversity employment programs is funded by the Canadian government. More on her work on his web page.

Headshot of Johan Wiklund, a white man with glasses. The photo is sligthly at an angle. Johan is smiling widely
Johan Wiklund

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University (USA)

Dr. Johan Wiklund is Professor at Syracuse University. His research interests include neurodiversity and mental well-being in entrepreneurship.  He is considered a leading authority in entrepreneurship research with over 100 articles and over 33,000 citations to his research. He is Editor-in-Chief for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, a premier entrepreneurship journal. More on his web page

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