How to Apply

Please use the application form to apply for the 2023 Spring Institute

Application deadline: 12 February 2023 (Please note, we will do rolling admission)
This event is free.
Any questions? simply email Dr. Anica Zeyen (

To apply and secure yourself a spot in the 2023 Spring Institute s, we ask you to answer three questions (200 words per question):

  1. What is (or could be ) your research interest in disability?
  2. What is your intended contribution to the field of disability and entrepreneurship research? (this can be to literature but also the practice and societal change)
  3. What is your methodology? This can be for a specific paper / your thesis or your research method approach in general.

Your answers should be written as directly, simply and accessible as possible. Please avoid detailed theory discussions or jargon. Please write this to an informed non-expert. audience.

You should also include a 50 word bio of yourself and a photo. These will be published on this website.

In the application form, we will ask you for any access requirements you might have. If you indicate any and you get accepted, we will lase with you to identify how to best cater to your accessibility needs. For example, we have the ability to provide live cc. All speakers will be asked to describe visual elements on their slides. Prep materials will be screen-reader compatible.

Please use the Application Form. Applications not submitted via the form cannot be considered.

We will inform successful applicants on 13th February 2023. .

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