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Meet our amazing participants.

Uppoer body shot of Alexander C. Lewis wearing a shirt, tie and jacket standing in front of a grey background
Alexander C. Lewis

Assistant Professor, Alvarez College of Business, The University of Texas at San Antonio (USA)

I’m an assistant professor. My research adopts a marginalization-as-structure, entrepreneurship-as-agency paradigm. I adopt a more restrictive lens of entrepreneurship than that of the broader entrepreneurship-as-emancipation paradigm, and I am only concerned with market entrepreneurship (i.e., social or commercial entrepreneurship) because this allows entrepreneurs in market societies to attend to their material needs while also developing structures to alleviate their marginality.

Upper body shot of Anis Wahyu Intan Maris wearing glasses and a headscarf. She sits at a desk in a large room. A book is on the desk and stairs are visible in the background
Anis Wahyu Intan Maris

Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (Indonesia)

Anis Wahyu Intan Maris is a lecturer at Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (State Polytechnic of Jakarta), Indonesia. Currently, she is the head of study program for students with special needs at the Department of Accounting, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. Her research interest is management and organization studies which focus on promoting the employability of people with disabilities well-being at the workplace or involved in entrepreneurship by considering individual characteristics and other actors in the society. She also founded an educational platform for Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome Indonesia (@ds_indonesia), to promote a positive narrative about individual with Down Syndrome and create an inclusive society for People with Down Syndrome and their families.

head shot of Arielle NEwman wearing a white top with flower patterns. She is in front of a blue background
Arielle Newman

Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprise, Syracuse University (USA)

Arielle Newman’s research focuses on entrepreneurs outside the “mainstream,” those who seek to legitimize themselves and their entrepreneurial endeavors despite institutions that were not made for them, or in fact, were made to exclude them. She has studied this struggle for legitimization in various cultural contexts from her dissertation collecting original fieldwork with entrepreneurs in Kumasi, Ghana, to paladar restauranteurs in communist Cuba, working with resettled refugees in a culinary incubator in Salt Lake City, and interviewing female entrepreneurs throughout the United States. Her work focuses on the legitimization of these entrepreneurs outside the mainstream, and the impact of these experiences on their overall entrepreneurial journey and well-being. After working with these various vulnerable populations of entrepreneurs excluded from mainstream institutions, Newman was inspired to explore the role of trauma in entrepreneurship. When individuals are devalued and excluded, these traumatic events exist outside the realm of socially validated reality, making these experiences unspeakable. It is Dr. Newman’s goal to explore these unspeakable events and understand how trauma impacts the entrepreneurial process for these marginalized populations.

Upper body shot of Camille Meyer wearing a white shirt and a black jacket. He stands in front of a blurred garden background
Camille Meyer

Senior Lecturer, Graduate School, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

Camille Meyer is senior lecturer in social innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, South Africa. His research focuses on community and cross-sector collaborations in social entrepreneurship and the governance of commons

Head shot of Carmen Svastics. She is wearing a colourful top and stands in front of scenic background.
Carmen Svastics

PhD student, Institute for General Theory of Special Needs Education, ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education (Hungary)

I am coming to disability research from the field of gender and equal opportunities. I used to work in public administration (Ministry) with gender issues and later joined ELTE University (Budapest, Hungary ) as a lecturer of English for Specific Purposes in Special Needs Education. I have been exploring the issue of language and disability ever since and am writing my PhD using critical discourse analysis. My topic of research is the labour market inclusion of persons with disabilities and I am currently involved in an interdisciplinary research group on entrepreneurship and disability. We have been exploring how entrepreneurs with disabilities manage busieness; what their motivations, strengths and barriers are; how ableism affects them; how their identities intersect; or how they experience freedom. The closer topic of my PhD is how HR specialists can support persons with disabilities on the labour market and especially regarding their training and preparation (Human Resource Counsellors MA).

Head shot of Caroline C. Neriamparampil wearing a white top standing in front of a white background. She has shoulder long dark hair
Caroline C. Neriamparampil

PhD Student, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway unviersity of London (UK)

Ms. Caroline C. Neriamparampil is a Ph.D research scholar at the School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway, University of London. Some of her key research interests include gender and development, digitalization and gender, gender and financial inclusion, social inclusion and sustainable development. Her Ph.D research on “Digital Financial Inclusion and Women Entrepreneurs in India: An Intersectional Perspective” intend to explores how does intersectional inequalities affect the digital financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs in India. Her most recent research with Leveraging Evidence for Access and Development (LEAD), KREA University, India explored the digitalisation of women-led rural enterprises. She also has academic engagements, associating with national and international organizations.  Before starting her Ph.D, She has earned a Master’s in Social Work and an M.Phil in Sociology. She also has a solid professional experience working with different government agencies, national and international development agencies in different parts of India.

Head shot of Chang-kyu Kwon wearing shirt and black jacket in front of  a white background
Chang-kyu Kwon

Assistant Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership, Oakland University (USA)

Chang-kyu Kwon, PhD is currently an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Development in the Department of Organizational Leadership at Oakland University, MI, USA. Dr. Kwon’s research focuses on creating inclusive organizational spaces for those with all forms of minoritized identities. He is particularly passionate about eliminating ableism as it intersects with other power structures in various educational and work settings, so that people with disabilities are provided with conditions where they can fully demonstrate what they are capable of and thrive in the world of work. Dr. Kwon has been recently recognized by the Academy of Human Resource Development through its 2022 Richard A. Swanson Research Excellence Award, which is given to the best article published in the annual volume of Human Resource Development Quarterly, for his article entitled “Resisting ableism in deliberately developmental organizations: A discursive analysis of the identity work of employees with disabilities.”

Upper body shot of Chi Zhang wearing a white T-Shirt and a blue open shirt over it. He is holding his glasses in his hands. THe background shows a landscape during sunset
Chi Zhang

PhD student, Advanced Institute of Business, Tongji University (China)

I am a Ph.D. student in management at the Advanced Institute of Business, Tongji University. My research focuses on entrepreneurs’ negative affect and psychological experience, alternative work arrangements, and the complexities of close relationships at work. In addition, I explore some topics about the employment of PWDs, such as technology divide in PWDs’ work and employment, social entrepreneurship for employment of PWDs, and so on,

head shot of Eduardo Millet,  He wears a blue shirt and a dark blue jacket. He stands inside ofa  blurred building
Eduardo J. Millet

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, State University of New York at New Paltz (USA)

Emilio Costales is a PhD researcher at the School of Business and Management at Royal Holloway University of London and a member of the Centre for Research into Sustainability and Digital Organisation and Society Research Centres. Emilio’s research is focused on the role of Social Entrepreneurs in the development of Human-Centric Smart Cities.

head shot of Emilio Costales wearing a black and red checkered shirt.
Emilio Costales

PhD student, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

Eduardo Millet is an Assistant Professor of Management at State University of New York New Paltz. He specializes in Strategy, New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. He joined SUNY in 2020 after obtaining a PhD Candidate in Business Administration at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a B.A in Economics from the University of Minnesota.

head shot of Gal Gutman. She wears a white top. There is a building in the background.
Gal Gutman

PhD student, Department of Business Administration, Ben Gurion University (Israel)

As a young scholar, I am interested in individuals’ ethical decision-making processes in ‎complex contexts, such as hybrid organizations integrating social and business elements. I am ‎particularly interested in the interface between individuals and organizations within these ‎contexts, namely, how individuals perceive these ethical dilemmas and make decisions ‎concerning these organizations.‎

Uppoer body shot of GregSwaysland. He wears  formal attire. The photo is slightly from the side. The background depicts a celebration like a wedding with other people and twinkle light decorations hanging on the ceiling
Greg Swaysland

PhD student, Department of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London (UK)

My name is Greg Swaysland and I am currently undertaking a PhD in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. The focus of my research is understanding the commonalities in how individuals experiencing different types and onsets of disability develop the self-belief to succeed in employment, sustain a career and the roles of others in these processes. My background is in engineering, and I have always worked in organizations with mature governance systems. I have also travelled to 90 countries throughout my career. I am severely sight impaired and also live with Dyslexia and ADHD, all of which have been discovered later in life. Whilst they present me with challenges, without them I would not have pushed myself to work towards a PhD and pursue a career in Psychology research. Therefore, I view these conditions as the best things that have happened to me.

headshot of Marieshka Barton who has red hair and wears a black top. She stands in front of a tree
Marieshka Barton

PhD student, Business School, Durham University (UK)

I am a PhD candidate researching social entrepreneurship ethics along social entrepreneurs’ journey of becoming accountable to their constituents. My doctoral research looks at three phases of social entrepreneurs’ journey of becoming accountable: the nascent, the venture, and the mature stage. The purpose of the research is to help ensure accountability and help avoid unintended consequences. The research design uses participatory research methods to work with social entrepreneurs to collaboratively develop an accountability framework that is meaningful for nascent social entrepreneurs’ during the incubation stage so that they may be accountable to their constituents in the presence of power differentials.

upper body shot of Nicole Hansen who has long blonde hair . She stands in front of a beige wall and wars a black top.
Nicole Hansen

PhD Student, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

Nicole Hansen is a second year PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her main research interests are social entrepreneurs, identity and digital activism (in particular ecofeminism). More specifically, researching social entrepreneurs and how their engagement in digital activism shapes both their social identity and self-identity. Raising questions such as ‘How does the engagement in digital activism form a SE’s social identity?’, more generally exploring how social identity is related to the SE’s digital activism and what impact does this have on the SE’s management/ethos of the organisation. Also, how does social identity not only reflect in a social entrepreneur’s self-identity, but also their wider actions in their organisation and activism. Having had personal experience as a social entrepreneur, it gives her a unique perspective for her PhD thesis..

Headshot of Oshin Dhawan in front of a blurred building. Oshin has long black hair and a small platt with yellow ribbons in her hair.
Oshin Dhawan

prospective PhD student. Content Editor, Nayi-Disha organization (India)

Oshin has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi, and a Master’s degree in Development from Azim Premji University. Oshin has previously worked with multiple organizations in the line of disability and inclusion and her experience in the nonprofit sector illustrates a host of different roles. Oshin also shares love for Indian Sign Language and is often seen communicating and dancing in Indian Sign Language. Oshin enjoys working in the field of disability and education, and has a strong passion for inclusive health and education systems.

Headshot of Shubh Majumdarr wearing a dark shirt with a blue collar standing in front of a white background
Shubh Majumdarr

PhD Student, Department of General Management, Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (India)

Mr. Shubh Majumdarr currently pursues a doctoral degree in General Management at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, India. He earned his B. Tech in Electronics and Communication (Distinction) from Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya, India. His research interest includes in the areas like Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and technology-related topics. He has hands-on experience with SPSS, R Programming, and Bibliometric software like VosViewer, Citespace. He has been a regional finalist (Manila, Philippines) at HultPrize-2021 by Hult Business School and secured the second position at National Level Hackathon.

Upper body shot of Stephanie Rable wearing black blouse and standing in front of a  black background.
Stephanie Rable

Assistant Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Delaware (USA)

Dr. Stephanie Raible is an Assistant Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware. She also holds roles as a Board Member of the Social Enterprise Alliance, former Social Entrepreneurship SIG Chair in the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Paul R. Lawrence Fellow for Case Research. Stephanie has one published instructional case on a social enterprise that supports babies with limited mobility and another case in progress on another social enterprise that employs those with various developmental disabilities. She is currently preparing a joint study abroad to Bangkok, Thailand that explores social enterprises that support those with various disabilities, in partnership with the University’s Disabilities Studies faculty.

Headshot of Yi Elaine Zhang wearing a black top in front of an office background
Yi (Elaine) Zhang

PhD Student, Department of Entrepreneurship, Oklahoma State University (USA)

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. I am interested in the psychology of entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurial intention, well-being, passion, and their interaction with entrepreneurial contexts.

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